On the same page

On The Same Page

I just want to share this thought real quick in regards to relationships and being “On The Same Page”

You don’t have to agree on the route but, in order to be successful you can never disagree on the destination. Does that make sense??

What I’m saying is this … A relationship; particularly a marriage is made up of two whole individuals coming together as one. This isn’t a man finding a woman who makes him whole, no, no, no, no and not because that isn’t going to work. I’m talking about  1 whole person  x  1 whole person  =  1 functioning unit follow me on that?

So, now, you have 1 complete person who has been through the valley by themselves, they have climbed many of hills to become the complete person that they are, translation-they know a few things.

They are attempting to come together with this other person who has also been through the ringer. I mean life may have really broken that other person down (they may have been more stubborn, hence a longer breaking process) in order to become the complete person that they are when they meet you – therefore they know a little bit about a little bit as well.

Let’s name our couple Jerome and Keisha, OK? Ha-ha.  Jerome and Keisha have 9pm reservations at Ruth Chris’ for dinner. Now, while Jerome is waiting on Keisha to get dressed (because we know how ladies do) he realizes that they maybe be running late. In his mind he is going through all the possible routes that they can take in order to get to the restaurant on time. Keisha is ready but, she also realizes that they may be late so she goes over a few options in her head too. They are out the door and in the car, they’re riding and they know they are about to come to a fork in the road. Jerome says “I’m going to go left” and Keisha says “No, baby go right it’s faster”.

^^^ See that – PROBLEM

They both feel like they know the city enough in their own ways to know which direction will get them there faster, they both feel like their way is correct. However, because Jerome and Keisha are on the same page Keisha says you know what “As long as we get there by 9, I’m OK.” No fight, no attitude no sense of entitlement -just get us there on time.

To me is what separates a good couple from a great couple there is no ego in it – in the end they don’t care HOW they get there just as long as they as they get there.  The phrase “Agree to disagree” doesn’t mean that any one person is wrong – it means that the end results or the destination is more important than being RIGHT. So, again “You don’t have to agree on the route but, in order to be successful you can never disagree on the destination.” Dinner reservations is of course a small task but, apply this same principle to – How you want to raise your kids, Where you will live, even how you will handle the finances in your household (Does he want to spend and you want to save?) .

Constant and meaningful communication is the only way to get on and stay on the same page.


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