The Rebirth of the Independent Thinker

It’s an election year and each day the political parties throw out their talking points, and no matter how true or untrue, their supporters cling to these statements. It would be easy for me to write a blog telling the world that Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are alive and living on a private island off the coast of Brazil. I can assure you there are people who would believe me instantly.

Gone are the days when a man’s character and morals garnered him the respect and support he sought. Nowadays if you can make the other guy look worse than you, the majority will follow you. I can confidently say, most who read this blog believe in God and at least try to follow what the Bible says. Romans 12:2 tells us not conform (fit in) to the ways of this world, but instead to change our way of thinking and renewing our minds to the good and perfect will of God.

You see, when we believe whatever the media, politicians, reality TV and any mortal man says, we are conforming to this imperfect and deceitful world. Don’t believe everything a Republican or Democrats says, nor allow them to tell you how you should think about certain issues. Has any political party done so much for you personally that whatever they say is the gospel truth? True freedom cannot exist if your thought process is controlled by the persuasions of another. As Ironmen, we must be willing to think differently and “outside the box.” In order to change the world, we must allow our independent thoughts to create new ideas.

A man who is an independent thinker, is an Ironman indeed.


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