Did you know that you can become arrogant without knowing it? How you may ask; Well, there are things that god has blessed you to be able to do inherently that others struggle to do. Because those things come with such ease, you tend to look down on others who struggle to do what you can. Before you know it you start saying things like “I can’t believe he didn’t think of that” “how could (s) he not finish that task” Now if you’re still like most people who don’t enjoy a genuine challenge of your thoughts and opinions you have probably surrounded yourself by friends and colleagues that only feed your ego or validate your ignorance.

Most people don’t realize that they have become known as the arrogant person for 1 of 2 reasons.  1. They have surrounded themselves with equally if not more arrogant people. Mankind has a need to compete so, if your group consists of abnormally arrogant people, you will subsequently raise your level of arrogance just to fit in without even knowing it.  Some people have a tendency to only surround themselves with people “who are JUST LIKE ME”, consequently you’re oblivious to your arrogance until you try to mingle outside of your circle, outside of your comfort zone and you are met with such resistance (nobody likes you)  that you retreat back to where you felt comfortable.

2. You have never been one to lose an argument; all you do is win right? Well, even when you win -you lose. You listen when others speak but, what exactly are you listening to? My guess is you’re listening to the noise the voice makes and not the words. You are listening intently for the silence; that will be your cue you to spill your guts. You’re not interested in a real exchange of information, you just can’t wait for them to shut up so you may interject your point. You find yourself over talking the other person and unless they are agreeing with what you are saying. You can’t see any way possible that there is another way of life if it doesn’t line up with how you live yours, if they don’t do it the way you did it.

Arrogance at its finest if you ask me. “But (s) he used to be such a nice person”, If you refuse to do inventory on yourself on a daily basis, challenge your own thoughts and pray for guidance in this life you will get caught up. We all struggle with it but, if left unchecked it can turn disastrous.


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