Starting From the Top

Montre Everett, Founder & CEO of IRONMEN

Let me be the first to congratulate you. At this moment you’re a straight A student, you qualify for the honor roll, and your parents and teachers think nothing but positive thoughts of you. I know what you’re thinking. How can I have straight A’s when the school year is just starting? Right? You haven’t even turned in your first homework assignment or taken your first quiz; and that’s just it! Right now you have the choice of viewing the beginning of this school year as starting on top or climbing to the top. It’s all a matter of your state of mind.

I want to encourage you to believe you’re starting this year from the top. You see, when you start from the top, all you have to do is maintain your position. By turning in your homework on time, completing all assignments, and investing 30 minutes to an hour each day to studying or reading, I can assure you that you can maintain your position on top. However, the moment that you choose to turn in an assignment late or not all and don’t study regularly, you’ll find yourself falling quite rapidly. Once you fall, you have find a way to climb your way back to the top. Although it is possible to climb back up, very few make it back to the top. Once you ruin perfect, perfect will never be perfect again.

Check Your Homeboys/Homegirls

It’s not just your performance in the classroom that can cause you to fall, your performance outside of the classroom is just as important. I understand that being a teen you want people to like and accept you, but from whom are you seeking acceptance? The truth is, relationships are spiritual. We adapt parts of our friends and family’s personalities into our own. So if the friends you hang around are falling, guess who else is going to fall?

School is not a social event. You are there for a purpose. Go to school for that purpose only and the social perks will be available to you at the right time. The problem is many of you go to school for the perks and ignore the purpose. Speaking of which…

Live On Purpose

There should be a reason, intent, and purpose to everything you do, say, or think. You should wake up each day with a designed purpose for your day. “Today I’m going to complete assignments in each class. Today I intend on passing my biology quiz. Today I will perform a random act of kindness.” When you live each day with a purpose, you give yourself a clear goal to achieve. When the goal has been achieved, you end the day saying, “I meant to do that…and I did.”

The Secret to Success

I get asked all the time how did I make it to where I am or how am I able to do the things that I do. There’s no hidden secret to my success nor anyone else’s. The blueprint for your success is found in an item that should be in your hand constantly….books!

I could have easily posted a YouTube video sharing these words with you, but I hope taking the time to read these words will put you on a path to reading more often. Texting won’t give you nothing but sore thumbs. I promise you that every successful person is where they are because they took the time to read and study their craft. I’m talking real success, not the fake success you see in music videos or reality TV. A lot of those people are broke but are just putting on a front to make their record label or some TV executive more rich. Read to learn the game and how to play it in your favor.

So congrats again! You’re at the top. Now, the choice is yours. Will you maintain your position at the top or will you choose to fall?


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