IRONMEN Official Statement on the Grand Jury’s Decision in the Michael Brown Shooting


IRONMEN Official Statement on the Grand Jury’s Decision in the Michael Brown Shooting

November 24, 2014

On behalf of The IRONMEN Foundation, we extend our deepest condolences to the family of Michael Brown. The untimely violent death of a loved one is never acceptable. IRONMEN will keep the Brown family in our thoughts and prayers. We stand with them in pleading for peace and the use of common sense from those on both sides of this issue.

The undeniable truth is Michael Brown is dead and no protest, whether peaceful or violent, will change that truth. The St. Louis County grand jury’s decision may be one that is not embraced by many; however we all must learn to accept it and respond in a manner that can bolster effective change not only in Ferguson but across our nation. IRONMEN will never condone violence and looting as a valid response to any situation. After the smoke clears and the crowds have disbursed, the citizens are left to deal with the loss of their businesses, jobs, and locations to conveniently purchase food and household goods.

In this moment, our response is to pray. At a later date, we will meet as an organization with civic leaders to develop effective solutions. Make no mistake; we understand the outrage that people are feeling. However, we must be mindful that foolish actions can lead to a horrible ending. There are times when outrage can be the catalyst to create positive change, but the outrage must be controlled and non-violent.

IRONMEN believes in being proactive instead of reactive. Our hope is to implement mentoring and educational programs nationwide in order to create a mindset in young men that chooses education over dropping out, respect over disrespect, wisdom over foolishness, and life over death. However, this can only happen if a large number of men choose to take a stand now and not wait until the next tragic moment. Now is the time for men to take their rightful place as leaders in their homes and communities. We invite you to join us in this movement.
Respectfully submitted,

Montré Everett                                                                                   Donnie Royal, II
Founder & CEO                                                                                 COO
The IRONMEN Foundation                                                                 The IRONMEN Foundation

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