IRONMEN School Uniform Drive

IRONMEN School Uniform Drive – Donate Today

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Elementary, middle, and high schools nationwide are in need of our help. Throughout the school year, students who violate the school uniform code are either sent home for the day or in-school suspension. Just for not wearing the correct shirt, students miss out on a full day of learning. We’re asking you to help us eliminate this excuse for not learning.

“Never should we allow not having proper school attire to be the excuse for a student to miss out on their education,” said IRONMEN founder and CEO Montre Everett. “Thanks to a shirt wholesaler offering our organization a substantial discount, we can order shirts for as little as $5 each.”

Our goal is provide at least 100 shirts to the school’s clothing closet so students can remain in school each day. We hope to expand the uniform drive to more schools in the near future. For as little as $5 per shirt, we can make a difference. Please go to our donation page or click the button below and give a minimum of $5. We thank you in advance for you support!